Saturday, December 29, 2007

NPR series on blogging

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the blog, npr did a series on blogging.

Monday, December 24, 2007

NPR piece on the tin/aluminium annversary of the Blog...

NPR had a piece this morning on the Tenth anniversary of the weblog. In addition to the idea that most blogs are poorly written and pointless (an often heard criticism, get out your thick-skinned suit), they have nice tables about who blogs and why they blog and an interesting 'audio blog' that sent Max into gales of laughter this morning. They're going to have another installment tomorrow. I love radio.

Titles for Max for 2008...

Here are a few titles we can read as a family in 2008. In addition to reading very long chapter books, we have taken to listening to audiobooks on the ipod in the car.

Here are some titles:

Wind in the Willows
Wrinkle in Time
Three Musketeers
Call of the Wild
Fudge books

Suggestions welcome. He's 6, loves nuanced, interesting stories, mostly about animals, but will tolerate people stories if they're interesting (have magic or fairies, etc.).

cheers, deb.