Friday, October 27, 2006

Dartmouth October Conference-- Cool Tools and New Technologies

The Book Meadow

I am sitting at the Dartmouth biomedical library Cool Tools and New Technologies conference. It's very fun, and I love talking about, Second Life, blogging, RSS, podcasting, etc. BUT Roy Tennant is talking about using Second Life for meeting our users where they are. I'm not sure if it makes sense to follow our users everywhere just because we can. I mean we know they go to keg parties, but we're not going to follow them there to offer reference services. Are we?

Other thoughts-- Meredith Farkas idea: Using wiki as an internal tool for communication, use: bad behavior plugin—looks at the behavior of the poster and decides if it’s a spambot or a person.

Batteries running low, more later. But just a thought-- if RSS feeds are supposed to make our lives so simple, why do people read so many of them?!

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