Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Look Me in the Eye—John Elder Robison—

This was a pretty good book. Nothing terribly exciting, but on the other hand, it wasn’t too poorly written. It was a quick read. However, I must admit this new thread of ‘tell-all’ memoirs about adults with Asperger’s syndrome are becoming a bit redundant. And in reading this one, I carefully looked for the battery of neurological/psychological testing that the author took to determine the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome and found none. Mr. Robison was told by a social friend that he exhibited some of the traits of Asperger’s Syndrome. And the author read a lot of literature about the subject, but it seems that he was not diagnosed by a professional. This was disturbing to me. The parts about KISS concerts were fun.

Born Standing Up—Steve Martin—

I got an advanced readers copy at the Book Expo last June. It was a nice book. Quick read, not very funny. I do hope they did another bout of editing before the actual publication.

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John Elder Robison said...

I see that you're a local person with an Aspergian child. Why don't you come to our program at The Elms in Chicopee this Sunday at 2?

Michael Wilcox and I are both active in the Asperger Association of New England, and we'll both be there along with others from the AANE.

You'll have a chance to meet other grown Aspergians, and I hope you'll find it inspiring.

There will also be parents there, some of whose kids are like me, with others being more impaired.

The information is at and on my blog. There's no charge to attend and the whole family is welcome.